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Studio 12.6b, Solaris 11.3/amd64 iropt -help dumps core

RaiderOfTheLostSPARCJun 8 2017 — edited Jun 12 2017


I'm pretty sure that's a known bug?

$ /opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt -help

  ******  General Usage Information about IROPT  ******

To get general help information about IROPT, use -help

To list all the optimization phases in IROPT, use -phases

To get help on a particular phase, use -help=phase

To turn on phases, use -A<phase_name>+<phase_name>+...+<phase_name>

To turn off phases, use -R<phase_name>+<phase_name>+...+<phase_name>

To use phase-specific flags, use -A<phase_name>:<flags list>

compiler(iropt) error:   no ir file specified 

/opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt'__1cFquita6Fpkc_v_+0x43 [0x78a183]

/opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt'__1cJscan_args6FippcI_pnJNAME_DESC__+0x31a0 [0x9dfb20]

/opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt'main+0x7c [0xbe196c]

/opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt'0x15a8e4 [0x55a8e4]


$ pstack core | c++filt                      

core 'core' of 13157:   /opt/developerstudio12.6b/lib/compilers/bin/iropt -help

ffff80ffbf432c4a __lwp_sigqueue () + a

ffff80ffbf3d4d91 raise () + 19

ffff80ffbf3a9912 abort () + ca

000000000078a198 void quita(const char*) () + 58

00000000009dfb20 NAME_DESC*scan_args(int,char**,unsigned) () + 31a0

0000000000be196c main () + 7c

000000000055a8e4 ???????? ()

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