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Stub registering for using rmid

ce1ca35f-0b4a-42b3-a77e-083f3b38699bJun 4 2019 — edited Jul 15 2019

I try to use rmid to have a secured communication between two PCs with Linux CEntos installed. The problem is even if I started rmid, rmiregistry and the object created in stub with the name it is ok registered when I try to find my server with the client I have the java message beside not reachable "java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: object not registered". But I'm sure it is registered, how could I investigate to see why this communication is not possible?

I mention that both PCs are ping-able and tcp is open. More than this the oracle template was tested with success over these two PCs. How could I check to see this registering problem?

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Added on Jun 4 2019
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