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Stretching background colour across whole JTextPane for one line of text

843806Mar 14 2008 — edited Mar 17 2008
Hey guys,

There's something I'd like to do with my JTextPane, but I don't know if it's possible without too much fooling around.

When a line of text is entered into the JTextPane the foreground and the background of the entered message are coloured. All of that works fine, but if possible I would like to also fill the remaining white space of the line the same colour as the existing background, just to make everything look nicer. I would also want the background colour to stretch if the window is stretched, as the JTextPane stretches

This is how I'm going about it.
SimpleAttributeSet attrs = new SimpleAttributeSet();

SimpleAttributeSet attrs2 = new SimpleAttributeSet();
StyleConstants.setForeground(attrs2, Color.gray);

Document doc = conversion.getDocument();

FileCredential credential = ((ClientService)pixecurFile).getCredential();

conversion.getDocument().insertString(doc.getLength(), credential.userData(FileCredential.USER_NAME) + " Says:  ", attrs);
conversion.getDocument().insertString(doc.getLength(), now("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss aa")+"\n", attrs2);
conversion.getDocument().insertString(doc.getLength(), "   " + chatMessage.getText()+"\n", attrs);
I'm willing to bet that there is no clean way to go about what I'm looking to do, but I hope I'm wrong.

Also, I don't think this matters, but the JTextPane in question is inside of a JScrollPane.

Thanks in advance,
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