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Strange output from jrcmd print_memusage (R28)

776705Jun 26 2012 — edited Jun 26 2012
Hi guys,

my jrcmd print_memusage tells me that my my heap is exactly the same size as my 'Compiled code' memory space:

Total mapped 3709432KB (reserved=1053884KB)
- Java heap 1048576KB (reserved=0KB)
- GC tables 35084KB
- Thread stacks 46848KB (#threads=162)
- Compiled code 1048576KB (used=50879KB)
- Internal 904KB
- OS 64836KB
- Other 641440KB
- Classblocks 47616KB (malloced=47354KB #116850)
- Java class data 772096KB (malloced=772015KB #557889 in 116850 classes)
- Native memory tracking 3456KB (malloced=1451KB #10)

This seems very weird to me, why would these 2 things be exactly the same?
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