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Sticky interactive report headers

User_6YEXCJun 8 2022

Hello there,
Please help me with the following. I have an interactive report that its heading is Fixed to None and not to region because I need different max-height based on what the user uses(desktop or tablet).I managed that by using the following inline css.
How can I make the headers remain in site while the user scrolls down the region?

.t-PageBody {
overflow: hidden; /* Hide scrollbars of the page*/
#visitors_id .a-IRR-reportView { // when the user is on desktop
max-height: 600px !important;
overflow: auto; //scrollbar in the region

only screen and (max-width: 1160px),// when the user is on tablet
(min-device-width: 1168px) and (max-device-width: 1424px) {

#visitors\_id .a-IRR-reportView {
    max-height: 450px !important;
    overflow: auto;


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Added on Jun 8 2022