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Steps for upgrade an EPMA enabled HFM Application from to

TacoSep 3 2018 — edited Sep 14 2018

Hello experts,

I'm going to upgrade an EPMA enabled HFM application from to, but my past experience was all related to classic HFM applications, and after searching for information on internet, I believe the steps I got used to: [1. copy the app to target env., 2. Manually enter the app info. into Hsx_Datasources and register, 3. run EPM configurator to upgrade from previous release] will not work, but not sure what are the correct high-level steps to take.

From what I've acknowledged, I have to migrate and upgrade EPMA dimensions and rules first. So I plan to :

1. Use EPMA file generator to get the .ads file from previous environment and import it to new environment.

2. Migrate rules using LCM. (Or simply import rules via CM interface)

But after above steps I'm not sure what goes next. Should I create and deploy a new application and try to migrate HFM artifacts into it using LCM from previous version? Or should I still copy the applications to target database and run upgrade wizard and transform it to an EPMA application?

Both way seems not correct but I can't figure out the correct steps. So please help. Many thanks.


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