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std::index_sequence limited to 255 elements

kovalAug 6 2017 — edited Aug 7 2017

Studio 12.6 imposes a limit of 255 elements in std::index_sequence.

Trying to use more elements leads exeeds template nesting depth in the compiler.

#include <utility>

using seq = std::make_index_sequence<256>;


"developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/CC-gcc/include/c++/5.4.0/utility", line 215: Error: Templates nested too deeply (recursively?).

"developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/CC-gcc/include/c++/5.4.0/utility", line 215:     Where: While specializing "std::_Index_tuple<>".

"developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/CC-gcc/include/c++/5.4.0/utility", line 215:     Where: Specialized in std::_Build_index_tuple<...>.

"developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/CC-gcc/include/c++/5.4.0/utility", line 215:     Where: Specialized in std::_Build_index_tuple<...>.

"developerstudio12.6/lib/compilers/CC-gcc/include/c++/5.4.0/utility", line 215:     Information: 254 contexts omitted.

..... many other similar messages

Seems like the implementation is linear which makes index_sequence of little use for things like processing compile-time string constants.

I have a library which encodes strings with template<char...> and I use it for building SQL queries at compile time. The resulting strings easily get over 255 characters and the processing requires using std::index_sequence.

With Studio 12.5 I used my own implementation of make_index_sequence (12.5 does not support index_sequence even with -std=c++14) but wanted to use library version with 12.6 as it is available. Seems like it is currently of no use for similar purposes as mine.

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