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Status of Oracle BPEL 2.0

404367Jul 8 2004 — edited Jul 9 2004
This looks like a very interesting product. Before diving into technical issues, I would want to know the business status of this version:

1. Is this a trial version?
2. How long will it be valid?
3. What is the licensing model of the commercial version?
4. What do 60-80% lower prices than those of traditional EAI suites really mean? Can you give us some numbers?

I appreciate the freedom of choice regarding J2EE AS and database but I've found no docs telling me how to switch from OC4J and Oracle Lite to other systems. Is that not yet supported in the current version?

Kind regards,

Heinz Wehner
(Karlsruhe, Germany)
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Added on Jul 8 2004