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Starting out with Java - used "pascal" 30 years ago :)

2612409Feb 14 2014

Hi everyone, I just thought I would introduce myself and mention that 30 years ago I did a few month of computer programming at university as part of a degree I failed at the time.

The only subject I passed that year was computer science. Things have changed a bit since then, I became an auto electrician which also means that since I started my apprenticeship things have changed a lot with cars as well. What used to be a car with one engine computer is now 30 modules running the entire car. Anyway I decided that just for interest and to do something useful with my spare time I would try my hand at writing useful apps for my trade and home use. That's basically my experience - 30 years ago and I haven't touched programming since then.

Today I started by downloading and installing "SDK" and the ADT Plugin and "Eclipse" and read some basics on JAVA.

It's going to be a challenge since the tutorial Getting Started | Android Developers mentioned something ........ that I just read through "properly" this time and it's no longer a problem .

Well anyway I thought I would introduce myself, ask for tips and advice before I even attempt my first program and mention that some may know me from the photography forums - I'm kind of known for photographing things blowing up Best of the photography forums - tutorials: Understanding photography 

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Added on Feb 14 2014