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SSH keys expire in Always Free mode?

User_FE1FGAug 22 2022

Hello, I'm new to this, I've been using Oracle Cloud for a couple of months and there I use 2 Always Free instances of 1VCPU, in addition to a 4VCPU instance because that's what Always Free offers.

However, I have always had a problem when connecting to the 1VCPU instances. After a few days of creating my instance I can't connect using my SSH key generated at the time of creating the instance. At first I thought it was my mistake and that I was using the wrong key. I deleted the instance and created a new one but after a few days it comes back and the same thing happens, it doesn't let me connect either through Putty or OpenSSH.

I wanted to know if there is any condition on this service that indicates that these keys expire, because it only happens with 1VCPU instances, the 4VCPU instance does not have that problem.