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SSD or HDD for Innodb MySQL

3672770May 13 2019 — edited May 13 2019

Hello, I have 1 server Innodb MySQL 5.7.23 with 64 GB RAM and 1TB SSD.

Now I want to implement innoDB cluster MySQL 8.0.16 and i need 3 Server to run MySQL Server. These server will be dedicated for MySQL Server.

Please help me make the decision to see. is it worth the upgrade SSD into SSD 4TB? or change into larger storage using SATA (8GB Storage)?

if I move using SATA will it have a lot of impact on performance?

because i think i need large storage.

on my largest table , there's 5-6 million rows per day.

and then the size of my db increases by 2 GB per daily

Thank you

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Added on May 13 2019