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sqldeveloper 21.4 vs dbeaver windows memory consumption is 1.3gig vs. 300meg with no active conxns

Oracle-user2Feb 27 2022 — edited Feb 27 2022

jstack_trace_dump.log (20.91 KB)
sqldeveloper_dbeaver_windows_mem_footprint.png (27.24 KB)both sql developer (only dba/file nav, schema brwsr,security,javase features are selected with windows look/fee, -Xms2048m&-Xmx4096ml) & dbeaver are launched with no active connections in either. (SQL Dev is re-launched after 'show welcome page at start up' is deselected)

attached is mem consumption where sql developer uses 1.3gig (in windows 10 task manager though jvisualvm shows 200meg for each heap/non-heap category) & dbeaver uses 300meg.

reviewed the way windows task manager displays memory usage by reviewing quite informative article

JVM Memory : Why memory on task manager difference with JProbe (or JConsole tool) (0 Bytes)
with this huge difference in memory consumption between sql developer and dbeaver, the latter seems to have light mem footprint and wondering if the same can be achieved even with sql developer.
aggressive GC collection options are already configured & as mentioned, jvisualvm shows only 200meg for each heap/non-heap.
jstack trace dump is attached.
@thatjeffsmith-oracle / SMEs - look forward to your insights around tuning this.

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Added on Feb 27 2022