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sqlcl lb data: how to overwrite existing data.xml

Robert__HJul 22 2022

Hi, in Windows10 I am using sqlcl lb data to write data into data.xml file for deployment.
However, if I run it again and again because something has changed I get new files instead of an overwritten data.xml. Instead data1.xml, data2.xml and so on are created.
My expectation would be that the existing data.xml is overwritten everytime with the new version.
Problems occurring:
I have to delete data.xml before running lb data which I forget frequently
I would have to link different file names in my deployment scripts which is massively impractical
So my question: is this intended or may be a bug?
Could someone please create an Oracle SR if needed? (I dont have needed permissions)

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Added on Jul 22 2022
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