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SQL query optimization

PACHAURI ABHISHEKMar 1 2016 — edited Mar 10 2016


My one select query takes on an avg 50 microsecond in timesten.

But if i put same data on shared memory and try to fetch data it will take  5-7 microsecond.

If timesten is in memory database so why its take 50 microsecond.

please find below details of table and select query. Cost od query is 1.

Materialized view TEST_1:


   *FIELD1                          VARCHAR2 (30) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD2                          VARCHAR2 (15) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD3                          VARCHAR2 (15) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD4                          VARCHAR2 (30) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD5                          VARCHAR2 (15) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD6                          VARCHAR2 (30) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD7                          VARCHAR2 (15) INLINE NOT NULL

    FIELD8                          VARCHAR2 (30) INLINE

select FIELD1,FIELD2,FIELD3,FIELD4,FIELD5,FIELD6,FIELD7 from test_1 where FIELD1='100100230000';

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