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SQL puzzle :)

598210Jun 8 2008 — edited Jun 14 2008
I want to find all possible X up to the most highest number possbile with a single SQL.

X - Y = T + Z


X as a positive number,
Y is the reverse of X,
T is the sum of each number which X has
Z is the product of each number which X has

like in this example;

63 - 36 = 9 + 18

- Which is the most efficient way of producing for example numbers between 1 and 1000000000000, CONNECT BY from DUAL?
- Is there an alternative way to reverse a number other than undocumented REVERSE function to_number(reverse(to_char(anumber)) this way there will be three function calls for each number,
- What is the best way to break a number into pieces to sum or make product in SQL.

Thank you very much :)
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