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SQL Developer not opening on MacPro 2019 Ventura 13

Currently, I cannot run the sqldeveloper on MacPro 2019 after the installation of Ventura 13.
I have downloaded versions 21.4.3, and 22.2.1 using JDK 8, 11, or 17.
When running ( using zsh or clicking on the sqldeveloper icon), the app starts and freezes, not showing any screen. When checking the force quit, I see the app SQLDeveloper as Not responding.
There are no errors and nothing to show me what's wrong. I have removed all java versions and installing again (with and without sdkman), checked and removed any JAVA_HOME, versions of Java, and reinstalled them, setting again the JAVA_HOME but not solving the issue. When freezing, I need to Force quit.
Please, any help will be great.

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Added on Jan 25 2023
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