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SQL Developer - Migrate Access to Oracle

ckw460Oct 16 2013 — edited Oct 16 2013

Attempting to migrate a MS Access (accdb) database to Oracle 10g. 

Using SQL Developer Version Build MAIN-12.84. Tools, migration, migrate.

Step 1, use the stand alone MS Access export tool to generate file to use in offline capture mode (omwb2007).

Step 2, repository schema set up in Oracle for the model.

Step 3, Migrate, migration and follow the wizard, using the offline option and pointing to step 1.

Including data.

First run generated an error, taken from MIGRLOG table, last 3 rows:

NullPointerException, Capture


Performing column default clause translation: FAILED : Database Migration : FAILED

Checked the XML file generated by step 1 and the log file generated from step 3. Looked at the Access database and removed some queries that were not required. Also removed modules and macros.

Ran through the steps again.

The process failed again, curiously at the same point, exactly the same number of rows in the log table, even though a different number of queries in MS Access on second run.

Ideas, thoughts appreciated

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