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SQL Developer 20.2 stuck on "Restoring Windows"

Hello everyone,
From today on I've been having problems using SQL Developer. All the previous times I used it it used to open regularly, everything loading fine. Until today. I was performing tasks to run some SQL Scripts and test the database (it was reset after some time).
Every time I open the program, it is stuck on the "Restoring Windows" bar. It doesn't load any further until I restart it for the second time, with the bar still ending up stuck at the same point. At the second time, it does launch regularly, but with one drawback. All the previous files I had on previous sessions disappear with the Welcome Page remaining on my homepage for the time being (until I open all files).
Sometimes I get confused choosing which task to end in the background, caused by SQL Developer. That way I will have to investigate which window to end and keep only the main page of SQL Developer. If I try ending one task, then I will have to repeat the same process all over again, choosing which task to end.
On the second try, and with the Restoring Windows bar being stuck I can regularly open files using the Open File option.

I have tried:
turning off my laptop and/or restarting it
"ending" the task from Task Manager, sometimes it launches, sometimes it shows the bar where the loading process hangs (on Restoring Windows)
relaunching it with all the files stored from previous sessions (happened until today afternoon before my issue occurred)

No error messages appear on screen. I've searched several solutions on the internet, but I am afraid deleting the history/system+ folder will damage my PC. I don't want to set my PC at risk just by deleting a folder.
Any further solution/feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This post has been answered by Luca Geelen on Feb 18 2024
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Added on Jan 16 2022