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SQL Dev connection properties display very slow

user637881Feb 3 2021

Why does it take so long for connection properties to display? As recently as version 18.4, the connection properties would display instantly. In 19.4 and 20.4 it takes 20-30 seconds for the connection properties to display.
Other things are also slow. I exported my connection properties and it took about 20 seconds from the time I clicked Export Connections for the list of connections to display. Then when I selected the connections and clicked Next and clicked browse, it took another ~20 seconds for the Choose Export File dialogue to display. After selecting a file and clicking Save it took yet another ~20 seconds for the path and file to display in the dialogue.
Everything else I've done seems to work normally. These things are really slow. Is this a known issue? Is it me? I'm running SQL Developer on a Windows laptop with the included java option. I've monitored Task Manager while doing this and there's nothing unusual going on.

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Added on Feb 3 2021