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Some Question when Install BPEL PM

428940Aug 18 2001
PlateForm: win2000 server /Chinease Ed.
Eclipse 3.0 Release

I see that "BPEL Process Manager Oracle 9i Configuration Guide"
when I try step 3 "Install Oracle BPEL Process Manager 2.0" that's tell me: some eorror Oracle lite

when I start BPEL PM it's tell me:

OraBPEL run-time system failed to start due to exception:
Cannot lookup db schema version.
The process domain was unable to lookup the database schema version. The versi
n table is used to verify that the proper database schema has been installed fo
use with the server. The exception reported is: [POL-3023] the database does
ot exist
Please check that:
+ the machine hosting the datasource is physically connected to the network

+ the connection pool properties as defined in the application server start
p properties are valid.
+ the database schema for OraBPEL has been installed in the datasource.
sql statement: SELECT table_name FROM all_tables WHERE LOWER( table_name ) = ?
04/09/05 13:58:57 Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g (
how to install BPEL PM and start Successful

ps. My BPEL Desinger is ok~
but can't login http://locallhost:9700/BPELconsole
I guess maybe DataBase have error.
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Added on Aug 18 2001