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[SOLVED] A query with SDO_POINTINPOLYGON returns chinese characters

Paul_6690295Apr 10 2022 — edited Apr 11 2022

A weird thing is happening. All my settings are in Western European, and this query returns Chinese gibberish, and I can't find the cause (or solution)
Consider this query:
image.pngI shortened the length of the ordinate_array for obvious reasons
The result is:
image.pngWhere do those Chinese characters come from in de columns for NAAM and CODE ?
When I select data from the cursor select from MyTable, I get normal West-European (Dutch) text. So that's not the issue.
My guess is that SDO_POINTINPOLYGON somehow messes things up... but why, and how to fix that ?
Thanks for your ideas and suggestions

This post has been answered by Paul_6690295 on Apr 11 2022
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Added on Apr 10 2022
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