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Solaris Studio's Remote Analyzer

User_F6DX1Jul 28 2014

Hi Folks,

    Have you run into situations where you want to tune your application, on The Powerful Test Machine, but you never get enough time on that system? and wished that you could take the collected data offline and do the analysis?


    Or you collected a number of large experiments (say multi GB's) on say a T5 and wished you could simply analyze the data on your local machine (say x86) without copying over those GB's of data over? Or you wanted the Expert to take a look your screen to review the results you were seeing, but that expert was remote so could not look over your shoulder?


    The Remote Analyzer feature of the Solaris Studio Performance Analyzer is the answer to the above questions. It is the full fledged performance analyzer GUI, that runs on Java and is supported on Solaris, Linux, Windows and MAC.

    For example, you can run the Remote Analyzer on an x86 machine and can point it to test system (say a T5) where experiment data has been collected and continue with the analysis - as if you were doing it locally on that machine. If the Expert wanted to take a look at the same data s/he could run an instance of the Remote Analyzer on their machine point it to the same experiment and view the results in parallel with you. Using Remote Analyzer you can open multiple experiments on the remote machine to do comparative analysis etc.

    Do keep in mind that when using the Remote Analyzer, resources of the remote machine are used to analyze the experiment data, while the results are presented on the system running the Remote Analyzer.


    So try it out - you might be pleasantly surprised as to how much you can do with it.



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