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Solaris Studio 12.4 beta not starting up properly

User12244601-OracleMay 15 2014 — edited Jun 5 2014

Hi all. I installed the 12.4 beta by untarring the download into my own user directory.  When I run the sunstudio command to bring up the IDE, the IDE's splash screen comes up and indicates that it's loading modules.  About 1/4 or so of the way through, the progress bar freezes up for a few seconds, then the splash screen disappears and nothing further ever happens.

Prior to installing this, I was on JRE jre1.6.0_21, but after the 12.4 IDE reported that it only works under Java 7 and later, I installed JRE jre1.8.0_05.  Run the sunstudio command, I saw some command-line warnings about changes in some arcane Java switches, then the splash screen appeared, the progress bar froze up as described, then disappeared and nothing happened.  So I installed JRE jre1.7.0_55 on my machine and tried it.  It didn't complain about the arcane Java switches, but the behavior of the splash screen freezing up 1/4 of the way through loading modules, then disappearing, was identical.

Is there some command line option I should be passing in to result in some kind of diagnostic file that will tell us what's going on here?

Has anyone seen this behavior before and have a solution or workaround suggestions?

The machine is Solaris 10 for SPARC on a Sunblade 2000.  A week or so ago I upgraded the machine from a very old (ca. 2005-2006) version of Solaris 10 to the version that was current as of earlier this year, plus the very latest and greatest kernel patch.

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