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SOA suite composite interdependency

calvinIsMeApr 26 2013 — edited Jun 16 2013
Hi All,

I am facing a typical problem. We have AIA FP on top of SOA suite 11g ( Here when we call a provider ABCS ( a BPEL composite) from EBS (a mediator composite) rather than providing direct endpoint in the reference we refer the concrete WSDL from MDS. The reason is if after restart all EBS composite becomes disabled as it does not find the reference of provider ABCS (in many cases provider ABCS is loaded after EBS).
This is working quite well for us. But lately I am seeing too many concrete WSDL are loaded in MDS. Where contents are same only endpoints are different.
What is the best practice of managing this? is there any way we can manage the composite loading order during server restart?

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