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SMTP routing based on IP addresses of sending system

3218938Jan 17 2020 — edited Feb 7 2020

Dear all

we are running an old Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7.0.5. without using LDAP. I have a challenge on solving a special SMTP routing request.

Our colleagues requests a SMTP routing for domains depending on the IP addresses of the sending system. They would like to have SMTP routes for e.g. @internet.dom to be routed to the host A (internet) if the sending server is one of IP address 1 or 2. But if an email is send from sending server with IP address 3 or 4 then the email to @internet.dom has to be routed to Host B.

In short:

sending system IP address 1&2 ==> target is @internet.dom ==> Host A (internet gateway)

sending system IP address 3&4 ==> target is @internet.dom ==> Host B (internal environment)

I'm struggling with this request and would like to ask if there is someone in the round who can give me a hint how to solve this request?

Many thanks in advance


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Added on Jan 17 2020
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