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Smart View SSO Login Automation in VBA Macro for EPM Application

71a03470-7879-4d96-bb53-c66a8ec45d10Mar 23 2020 — edited Mar 23 2020

Hi All,

can anyone please provide solution to this

Actually , i am trying to Automate the smart view SSO login by VBA Macro for Hyperion Financial Management

Additional Details

smart view is installed in my Local Machine in "C:\Oracle\Smartview"

Shared connection URL: "https://myservername/workspace/SmartviewProviders"

when i click on Shared Connections from smart view ribbon, instead of default smart view Authentication page,SSO Login screen/page popups up because applications are based on SSO enabled, wherein i need to provide username and pin+password in this SSO Login window, Then it will allow me for default smart view authentication page.

Source code for SSO Login is written in HTML laguage

For workspace , i achieved this using commond: "set HTMLDoc = ie.document" and then access the document properties to provided the SSO login credentials by(HTMLDoc.getelementsbyid("username").value ="xyz"),(HTMLDoc.getelementsbyid("pass").value="password") in VBA Macro

How can this be done from excel for smart view SSO login ??

Many Thanks in advance.