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slow performance on delete

a.bosioJan 29 2010 — edited Feb 2 2010
Hello all.

I've created a CONTEXT index on a column for a 50million records table.
Sometimes I need to delete some records frome that table.
If I delete 50.000 records (with a single delete statament), it takes really long.

I think the reason is that when I delete rows from the table, it delete also the informations from the index in real time.
This is not what I really want (and it's not the behaviour I expected from CONTEXT index), because it's ok for me to sync the index asyncronously from the insert/update/delete operations.

Is there something I'm missing?

As a workaround I'm thinking to add a logical delete flag to the table, and then update the rows instead of deleting them (it's a lot faster).

Thank you.
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Added on Jan 29 2010