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Skip rows in Data Loading Page Definition possible?

Jon FinkeJul 28 2021

I am using APEX 21.1 on an 19C database. I am writing an application that needs to load and parse Excel files from a vendor. I would rather not have my users doing the column matching (as you could with Legacy data loading). The Data Loading Capability looks just about perfect for my application, except the vendor spreadsheets don't start with the data/headers, but rather a couple of lines down. I can't seem to find any way to tell data loading wizard to skip two rows before processing headers and data. Is there a way to do so?
Using the APEX_DATA_PARSER I am able to set the P_SKIP_ROWS parameter in the PARSE function, and that works, but leaves me to recreate the huge amount of function in the built in data loading support.

This post has been answered by Carsten Czarski-Oracle on Jul 29 2021
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Added on Jul 28 2021