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Silent Upgrade of WLS + Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition From to

User_NX39CFeb 22 2023

I've been asked to patch WLS from to which is used as a backing system for our ODEE 12.6.3 setup, in order to patch several security vulnerabilities.

Is it possible to perform a silent install of this upgrade? I have ~20 servers and 3 environments each to perform this upgrade on, and none of them are GUI enabled by default.

When trying to perform it on our own following a guide on Oracle's site, we ran into the issue of SOA not being installed by the WLS' default response file to install

Exact Issue

I have been following the instructions in Oracle document 2701324.1

Step 1 successfully works.

Step 2c fails, because it cannot find the SOA Suite in the new install. (it fails at the readDomainForUpgrade step).

bash$ /oracle_common_common/bin/
# Open the domain for upgrade.
wls:/offline> readDomainForUpgrade('/path/for/domain')
# Save the updated domain.
wls:/offline/my_domain> updateDomain() 
# Close the domain. 
wls:/offline/my_domain> closeDomain()

DocuMaker Version Question:

Reading the patch notes, Documaker 12.6.4 is where WLS12.2.1.4 support was officially added, so I assume I need to upgrade from 12.6.3 ODEE to 12.6.4 ODEE as well? Is that possible to do silently?

Configuration Info:

This sample response file:

Documaker version : 12.6.3

OS - RHEL 7.10

WLS Version :

Post Details
Added on Feb 22 2023