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Siebel CRM - EAI logs - Search/Find EAI log files across several Servers

Neilson Faria-OracleOct 15 2015 — edited Jan 11 2016

As gsr_gsr-OC asked:

"We have inbound webservices that create/update records in stateless mode... Sometime it is required to look at the logs because the 'Error Message' process property in WF does not hold entire error message..."


"Is there any way we can capture FileName of EAI Object Manager log so that we can log that in table and it will be easy to look up that file name?"


1 - An engine able to search in log files across the servers looking for strings or timestamp.

2 - Auto enable the DEBUG mode for integrations workflows only when a exception is trigged. Change this engine to log siebel important data as MessageId, Server, etc. in wfa tables.

3 - Create two system attributes to receive the Server and the Filelog or Process/Thread. That way could be possible use them in exceptions flows, scripts, etc.


By Jaime-Oracle : You can try to capture the log by searching by the Message Id. If the Message Id is unique, you could search in the log files for that value and only one EAI*.log file should contain that value. Obtaining the server name will impact on the transaction performance and at the end, it won't be useful from EAI perspective.

By Neilson Faria-Oracle: A trigger when inserting a error record in your error table. In a trigger code you can recovering the machine and process:thread. Save it updating your error table and search for the respective log file in server.

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Added on Oct 15 2015