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Show Data on Maps as page changes

Rookie_86Oct 15 2012 — edited Oct 23 2012
Hi Experts,

I'm using Obiee 10g.

I'm able to pass the record information i.e. column1, column2, column3 as @1, @2, @3 and able to view data on maps.
But, now i'm displaying only 5 records per page on dashboard.
i..e using table view display rows - 5.

Now, I want to see only data for 5 rows in map. i..e i would like to control the flow of data as the user changes the page ?

If the user moves to 2nd page - table view displays records from 5-10. So, now i would like to show data for 5-10 records on maps ?
How could i do this ?

Is this possible in narrative view, controlling the data as per user changes on table view.

Thank you,