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Show a generated Link inside a Popup through the bean

xDestinatioNxSep 4 2015 — edited Sep 9 2015


I'm trying to show a generated link inside my popup.

My popup up should show a Integer result from a PL/SQL database function.

At the moment I can't get a link inside the popup so my popup text looks like this:

File Number: xyz

And the users have to copy this number to download the file.

But I won't to give them a generated link which will be shown inside the popup.

I tried to insert something like this inside the popup text variable.

popupText= " <af:link text="Click here" destination=""+file_nr+"" targetFrame="_blank"/> to download the file";

But it doesn't work. In JDeveloper 12c.

Can anybody help me?



This post has been answered by kdario on Sep 4 2015
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