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Should I patch Oracle 12.1 before upgrading to 19?

User_Z4K9SJan 19 2022

Hi everyone,
I am fortunate enough to have to schedule a database upgrade just after the release of the latest Oracle CPUs. I'll be upgrading our database from 12.1 to 19 at the end of the month, and a new patch for 12.1 (Extended Support) just came out.
I know Oracle typically recommends upgrading from the latest update of the old version, but does it really make that much difference in this instance - especially on Extended Support patches that not everyone running 12.1 will have? I've been testing the upgrades from my current 12.1 patchlevel (the October 2021 CPU) - I'd rather not have to install the January 2022 patch for 12.1 and be forced to run through my tests all over again. Not to mention this is my last Oracle 12.1 system that needs upgrading, so I don't have any other environments to test it on first.
Any thoughts on this from the community or experts? Thanks in advance!

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Added on Jan 19 2022
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