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SHO ALL[+] possible bug (or user issue) and request

Craig ElliottMay 25 2016 — edited May 25 2016

I like "SHO ALL" and "SHO ALL+"

I do have two issues with the results, the first being I would like to have all results except the TNS entries. I know you can do "SHO JDBC" etc, but you cannot get all the good dirt without tns, and since I already know that info, I do not wish to see those tns entries. It is all about me ;-)

The second is that the results are in a strange alphabetic order. It displays ALL in alphabetic order until it gets to "T", and then it shows all TNS entries, and then continues with the rest of the alphabet ordered listing.


13:51:14 25-MAY-16 SYSTEM@MYDEVBOX SQL    >sho all -tns

_prelim OFF

appinfo is ON and set to "SQLcl"


time ON

timing ON

TNS Lookup locations   <----- why is this here, now, instead of in another section?




trimout ON

trimspool OFF



Otherwise I like this product. Makes things much simpler for me, and allows me to perform auto lookup passwords, by adding a bit to the sql shell script.



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Added on May 25 2016