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Shared Portlet in WorkSpace Studio

653103Sep 24 2008

I'm creating some portals that i will use as templates for portals that will be created later, my quetion is, can i create or set some property to my portlets that make them shared once in the production environment, let me say that again, I want to have some portals sharing some of the portlets (content presenter portlets), and when you configure this kind of portlet you have the option of making it shared so you can add it later to another portal, and it will look like the one you configured, but i'm tryiing to do this when you add portlets in WorkSpace Studio

What i want to do in steps

1. Create two portals in Workspace studio adding a content presenter portlet in both
2. Creating templates based on that portal files
3. Create portals in server based on the templates
4. Configure the shared content presenter portelt in the ONE of the portals
5. Do not configure the shared content presenter portlet in the second portal created with the second template, because this portlet must look like the one configures in step 4
6. Repeat as necesary from step 3

Bad English i'm sorry

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Added on Sep 24 2008