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SGD 5.4 and S11.4 (SRU4) - Cannot unlock a session ?

YTC1Dec 20 2018 — edited Jan 18 2019

Upgraded my server to S11.4. SGD runs in a zone.

I have been able to log in and setup users in remote sessions (I'll not spit too much at the Gnome3 interface :-) )

However, if the screen/session locks or I lock the session then I cannot re-login.

The system allows me to enter characters in the PW field, but often does not allow me to type all chars before it sends on my behalf and denies the unlock.

I notice it is just looping and sending all the time.

If I reboot the SGD server, when I reconnect it resumes from the same locked screen position with the same issue

If I log in to the SGD server with a CLI, and delete the .cache directory I can log in and use a session again, until the next "lock"

S11.4/Gnome issue or SGD issue ?

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Added on Dec 20 2018