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setup manual backup store in Oracle 19C autonomous database

Chandar_AUJul 16 2022

Hi Team,
I want to setup manual backup in Oracle 19C autonomous database.
I have gone through Oracle documentation and performed following tasks but still it is saying the "Manual Backup store" Not configured. I am not sure what might have gone wrong?
Create an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage bucket for manual backups for your database. Specify the bucket name to meet your manual backup needs.
Set the database property DEFAULT_BACKUP_BUCKET to identify the manual backup bucket in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage. You need to perform this step as the ADMIN user.
Create a credential for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage account using DBMS_CLOUD.CREATE_CREDENTIAL.
Set the database property DEFAULT_CREDENTIAL to the credential you created in the previous step. But still I am not able to access setup the "Manual Backup store". Any idea what might have gone wrong. Appreciate your help in advance! Cheers, Ram

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Added on Jul 16 2022
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