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setting Java home for two java versions

rickepmMar 6 2015 — edited Mar 6 2015

Hi All ..

I have two java versions installed on my system .

1) java 6 in C drive

2)java 7 in D drive

I need to know if I can get a option to use any of these 2 java versions when I launch my app..

Right now its taking 2) by default , though in my user variable I have set it to 1) ..

Can any one please tell how I can fix this issue ..

Should I edit the path file and then add the 1) at the beginning so that my app picks up that..or shall I make a variable Jr AVA_HOME1 and JAVA_HOME2 , but then which one my app will call first .

or can I set something in my Java console that asks me to browse to the java location of my choice.


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