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setting email notifications for a specific server and time

2990355Aug 5 2015 — edited Aug 5 2015

Good morning everyone,

I've a Ops Center console configured to send alarms and warnings for all servers, all the time, which is fine and what we were looking for now.

Now, as those alarms are sent by email, we might want to receive specific alarms from specific servers through SMSes. The SMS receiving part is working properly, no question about it; it's basically Ops Center sending an email to a Mail2SMS gateway.

What I want is to find the granularity in Ops to send those mails (later converted as SMSes) for a specific subset of servers, in a specific time span (say, 8PM to 6AM). I want all other notifications to continue as before, but those specific servers at that time span should be sent at the other email address.

If this is not possible, I was thinking of something else:

Ops Center's configuration must be stored somewhere on the filesystem, right ? I'd run a cronjob at 8PM to change the email recipient for one I chose, and at 6AM I'd revert to the original recipient; basically swapping the config files for the given time span.

Any idea how I should proceed ?



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