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Setting a Report Column Width?

Howard (... in Training)Jan 22 2013 — edited Jan 24 2013
I was half griping about setting column width so it's only fair that I actually try a simple example.

I've got a simple report on a query (Select * from demo_st) based on a report region template. The columns displayed are the primary key (RCD_ID), the ST (state abbreviation) and the ST_NM (state name). State names are sized 4 to n characters and I added an "example" entry AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AA just so I'd have a long one. I'd want to control the width of the ST_NM column.

Please see: Dever / Ima9Dever

First, do I have the example set up correctly? For example, am I doing something that prevents controlling the ST_NM column width?

Second, if the example is set up correctly, is there some limit (say, < 6) below which I can't control the width.

In the ST_NM Column Definition, I have placed 5 in Column Width and in Column Attributes, I have placed 5 in Element Width.

I expected the ST_NM column width to be 5 characters but it renders just as before.

Am I doing something that prevents this column from truncating (or wrapping)?

Thanks in advance,
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