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Setting a Popup LOV column in an interactive grid doesn't show the display value

CaribbeanUserNov 26 2021

I have an editable interactive grid and have defined an onchange dynamic action on a column C1. A Set Value True Action attempts to set the value of another column, say C2, with type = 'Popup LOV'. The List of Values of C2 is a Shared Component LOV. When the value of C1 is updated, the dynamic action fires and the display value of C2 is cleared. 'Under the hood' however, the value is actually set: the correct display value is shown after the update is saved.
If the type of C2 is changed to 'Select List', the correct display value is shown right away.
We noticed this behaviour starting with APEX 20.2, in 19.2 we had no issues.
I created a 'dummy' page to demonstrate this behaviour:
My question is: is this a feature or a bug?
Many thanks,

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Added on Nov 26 2021