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Set value of Popup LOV with dynamic action

Norbert2Jun 7 2019 — edited Aug 27 2020

Hi all,

following problem:

I have two page items:

  • P1_ITEM Type "Textfield"
  • P2_ITEM Type "Popup LOV"

Changing value of P1_ITEM should set the predefined value of P2_ITEM.

I try this with dynamic action on item P1_ITEM:

  • Action: Set Value
  • Set Type: PL/SQL Function Body which selects a return value from Item P2_ITEM

But this doesn't work.

It works, if P2_ITEM is from Type "Select List".

Found article but here I do not know how to define the 2 actions which are mentioned.

Has anybody a idea what to do.

I'am using APEX 18.2.

Thanks in advance.


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Added on Jun 7 2019