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Set Value DA -> Submit DA -> Processing

srgarg-OracleFeb 17 2022

I have a button. I create two dynamic actions that trigger on button click.
first DA is Set Value. It sets the value of a page item P4_FILE_ID. (Affected element is set as P4_FILE_ID)
second DA is submit
I have a process (point=processing) which inserts the value of P4_FILE_ID in a table.
I expect that when i click on that button, the item will be set with a new value and then that value will be inserted in table and then the page will refresh.
However, I get an error that cannot insert null. I can see that the page item is set with new value by doing apex.item('P4_FILE_ID').getValue() in console, but somehow it is not reflected in my sql process.
insert into my_table
(file_id, path)
(select :P4_FILE_ID, col001 from another_table )
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Added on Feb 17 2022
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