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Set timeout for JAXWS webservice response

User_19BPUDec 4 2017 — edited Dec 5 2017


I want to set a timeout for less number of data coming from webservice as well as larger number data coming from same webservice, in this case whether it is advisable to make the change by writing a logic to set 2 timeouts , for example for less number of data coming from webservice A set timeout to default 1 min in Jaxws and for larger number of data from the same Webservice A set the timeout to 3 mins? Whether it makes sense or it is better to set a flat timeout , common timeout for the both less and large data as a whole to 3 mins? This will be irrespective of the data load.

If the option 2 (flat timeout value) is better , what will happen if we get the response for less number of data  in seconds , whether it will have any side effects as we have set the timeout to 3 mins? Which is the best option we need to choose here. Thanks in advance.  


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