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Set Property Listener in a Button

DLopezNov 18 2015 — edited Nov 18 2015


I am implementing the effect of a deck component from here :;jsessionid=QVsaTaSwq3-QmWlHOZlxyI5fMT8d_dTdVu8EgRF2iTwrom3Uj2Wq!-1691356258


to show the other side, other panel box, with more data.

In my case have a llist (side A) and when I click on a item I want to show more information about that item (side B).

My list is inside a panel box that is inside a deck, and the button / link is inside a Cell of a Grid of that list, the switch of sides does not work well if I refer the link as partialTrigger, so I have created a button with the setPropertyListener outside of the list to just do the effect.

But I'm having problems simulating the button click from the link.

Is there a way to do what I want?

I'm using jdev 12c

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