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Set parameter page in jsp

927518Apr 12 2012
I'm using jsp in oracle portlets.

I have a DisplayTag in my JSP.

This tag uses parameters for displaying the pagination links (indicating the current page number and providing hyperlinks to go to other pages) for a table.

Because I'm doing controlling the paging and because I may want to have the user leave the table and later return to the same page of the table, I need to be able to tell the DisplayTag, using the parameters, which page I'm displaying. I store the page information in session scope so that when the user returns to the page I can retrieve and display the correct records, but the DisplayTag is telling that user that he is seeing page 1 no matter which page is actually being displayed.

I can read the parameter with

String num = (String) renderRequest.getParameter("d-49653-p");

but I don't know how to set that parameter so the DisplayTag can use it.

Any ideas?
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