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Set Page Item Value of Modal Dialog Drawer When Application First Loads

rgiljohannFeb 8 2024

I am using APEX 23.2. Is there a way to set the value of a page item on a Modal Drawer page when the application first loads?

I am creating a data analytics application (similar to what you might find in a Business Intelligence Tool like Tableau), that has one set of page items on a modal dialog drawer page and every page has reports that get filtered by these page items. The problem is, that when the user first logs in, all the reports and charts are blank because the ‘Where’ Clauses reference the page items in the filters modal dialog drawer, and these haven't been set yet until they go in and click the button to submit the page.

I am wondering if there is a way to set those values when the application first loads, or when the user first logs in, because the page load option doesn't work since it is a modal dialog, and they get to the main pages first.

My only option right now, is to change the ‘Where’ clause to something like this:


However, this brings back all of the data, and I would rather have it set to the defaults I define.

Any suggestions?

This post has been answered by Dietmar Gabauer-Oracle on Feb 12 2024
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Added on Feb 8 2024