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Set dynamic values to af:Query search params on pop-up load

Mahesh YNov 17 2019 — edited Nov 18 2019

Hello, I have a use case where on click of a button, I am displaying a pop-up and the contents in the pop-up is a query panel with results in a table. This query panel is created declaratively from a View Object. I had created a ViewCriteria with three attributes - all of them use bind variables with equals operator. Search on the query panel works fine.

However, I need to set the default values to the search attributes in the query panel and the values for the search attributes will be coming from the parent page(where I am clicking the button to fetch the popup). On Pop-up Fetch Listener, I tried to set the values using the following code, however, this doesn't seem to work:

        ViewObjectImpl empVO = (ViewObjectImpl) ADFUtils.findIterator("EmployeesVOIterator").getViewObject();

        ViewCriteria[] vcArray = empVO.getAllViewCriterias()

        ViewCriteria myVC = vcArray[0];

        ViewCriteriaRow vcr = (ViewCriteriaRow) myVC.get(0);

        for(int i=0; i < vcr.getAttributeNames().length; i++) {


            if("EmployeeId".equalsIgnoreCase(vcr.getAttributeNames()[i])) {

                System.out.println("EmployeeIdValue is: "+ vcr.getAttributeValues()[i]);

                vcr.setAttribute("EmployeeId", 102);

                System.out.println("EmployeeId Value after setting is: "+ vcr.getAttributeValues()[i]);



        System.out.println("Query is: "+empVO.getQuery());


I have been following this thread - How to set attribute in adf defalut search form query

Anyone faced a similar use case and can throw some light on how to achieve this? Appreciate any pointers. Thank you.

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Added on Nov 17 2019