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Session Value - Refresh

I am using APEX 5.1.3. to build a report-form for mobile interface. I am trying to replicate "List View and Form" kind of report. I cannot use the existing "List View and Form" since we have a huge list and users wanted an option to pick from an LOV instead of a huge list of available rows. Anyway coming to the problem on hand, in the first page, I will display three select lists and the values selected in here are passed to the second page using submit button and linking to the second page. But when I run this application and select the values in First page for the first time and click Submit, the second page opens but the values do not get passed. When I go back and select another set of values and hit submit, the first set of values show up in the second form.

  Can anyone help me out with what values I need to set/reset to handle this problem.



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