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Session State ..... costing me a lot of time and headache

Geert01Feb 4 2022

Hi all!
I have created a page (on
The page as one Select list item, with only the value One (1) and Two(2)
The page also has a button that is linked to a modal page.
The modal page has only one text item.
All I want is to pass the current value of the select list to the modal page.
After changing the value of the select list item, I verify the session state and see that it is what I expect it to be,
But then pressing the button, I always see the value of 1, regardless of the current value in session state.

Is this a bug? It seems that the button gets its 'linked value' at page load time, and never gets the current value of the select list. Is this a bug?
Page can be viewed on
Workspace: HUE_API
User name: Forum Member
Password: Help_Jan_22
Application: 56914 - Link to Modal Page

This post has been answered by fac586 on Feb 4 2022
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Added on Feb 4 2022